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semi-hiatus due to school and stuff, so i will be on tumblr irregularly (but i'm still here!)
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yo i just read your about page and i just wanted to say, greetings fellow asexual!

yes omg we need to stick together <33 i never have anyone to relate to but now i have YOU

» The student/teacher AU no one asked for


Okay, that’s not true. cuztiel asked for it, so here goes 86k words of fic

Summary: Brendon Urie’s attempt to flee the prestigious boarding school Saint Franklin’s lands his teacher in a coffin and himself trapped at the school until he meets the new teacher, Mr. Ross, and seizes a unique opportunity for escape.
Rating: M (E? I’m horrible at estimating these things)
Pairing: Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie
Chapters: 1/12
Warnings: Underage, Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Updates: Every monday

I’ve seen your face under every sky, over every border and on every line. You know my heart more than I do. We were the greatest, me and you.


In the cave, I really felt like it knew me. Maybe your mind is in there, it’s just overcharged and can’t process what’s happening.

Mark Ruffalo teases Science Bros Action for “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

bannerstark replied to your post “someone tell me if i need a different theme like be straight up with…”

i like it :) and you got an updates tab omg i love the colors!!

thank you <333333 yeah apparently all the cool kids have them so i joined in tbh

I like it

tHaNk yOu <33333

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someone tell me if i need a different theme like be straight up with me i don’t wanna be side eyed